Thursday, March 30, 2006

X-CLAN’S PROFESSOR X REMEMBERED: Kurtis Blow, Al Sharpton attend funeral for former rapper and BlackWatch leader

(Professor X, centre.)

“A funeral was held Friday to mourn the passing of X-Clan standout Professor X, a.k.a. Robert ‘Lumumba’ Carson.

“Rev. Al Sharpton, rapper Kurtis Blow and Afrika Bambaataa of the Zulu Nation were among the hundreds of people gathered at Antioch Church in Brooklyn, New York to remember Lumumba’s influence on hip hop and within the black community.

“‘He made a difference. There is no doubt in my mind that the angels in heaven are saying 'Welcome home. You fought a good fight,’’ said Rev. Gaddy of Friendship Baptist Church.

“According to, the service included hip hop performances, traditional African drums and a band, in addition to scores of motivational speeches that gave honor to Carson.

“Kurtis Blow told mourners to remember the efforts Lumumba put forth in promoting cultural pride as part of the Blackwatch Movement, an arts-centered activist group the rapper founded.

“‘I know that Lumumba would not have wanted people to be sad. He would not want you to be upset and angry,’ Blow said. ‘[He] believed in Africa and Africans, those at home and those abroad. He believed in Black Power.’

“Other speakers included Council Members Charles Barron and Evette Clark, X-Clan’s Brother J and Al Sharpton. A statement was also read on behalf of Afeni Shakur, the mother of Tupac Shakur.

“Carson died of meningitis on March 17. He was 49.”

The LA Times report is here.
The Amsterdam News (Harlem) report is here.
The North Korea Times (I'm not kidding) report is here.
All Hip speaks its piece (and peace) here.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Edmonton Black Pages

If you're planning to buy goods or services in E-Town, don't just flip through the White Pages--click on THE BLACK PAGES!

Monday, March 27, 2006

How to spot a baby conservative

Whiny children, claims a new study, tend to grow up rigid and traditional. Future liberals, on the other hand ...

Kurt Kleiner writes: "Remember the whiny, insecure kid in nursery school, the one who always thought everyone was out to get him, and was always running to the teacher with complaints? Chances are he grew up to be a conservative.

"At least, he did if he was one of 95 kids from the Berkeley area that social scientists have been tracking for the last 20 years. The confident, resilient, self-reliant kids mostly grew up to be liberals.

"The study from the Journal of Research Into Personality isn't going to make the UC Berkeley professor who published it any friends on the right....

"Of course, if you're studying the psychology of politics, you shouldn't be surprised to get a political reaction. Similar work by John T. Jost of Stanford and colleagues in 2003 drew a political backlash. The researchers reviewed 44 years worth of studies into the psychology of conservatism, and concluded that people who are dogmatic, fearful, intolerant of ambiguity and uncertainty, and who crave order and structure are more likely to gravitate to conservatism."

Electric Beowulf Galactica Vendettas

I will share, sometime soon, my thoughts on the new films V for Vendetta and Beowulf and Grendel, as well as this season of Battlestar Galactica and my purchase of the 4-DVD boxed set The Best of the Electric Company. I will do so even if the plumber comes to fix the sink and dies after being harassed into cardiac failure by a parrot.

It's not a crime to convert... it's a crime to kill

I don't often agree with CBC Cross-Country Check-Up host Rex Murphy, but he was dead-on when asking, in light of this case, whether Canadian troops should be in Afghanistan to protect this country's "right" to execute people for freedom of thought.

As usual, the insightful Br. Sondjata at Garvey's Ghost has articulated some of the most distressing and disgusting problems inside the Islamic world (especially as faced by Afrikans). I've spent my life speaking up for underdogs, and for much of the time, that's included Muslims, especially when they're the victims of imperialist (i.e. Western) wars of murderous plunder and racist violence; I'm proud to call many Muslims friends, and of course, my greatest hero, the honourable Malcolm X, was a Muslim.

But when (certain) Muslims are the oppressors, then their actions, too, must be condemned in no uncertain terms.

The issue must never be pro-Muslim, pro-Jew, pro-Christian, pro-Rastafari, pro-Ifa, pro-Africentrist, pro-whatever group. It must be pro-human rights, pro-fair play, pro-children, pro-education, pro-health care, pro-justice, for whomever, wherever, regardless of creed, race, gender, sexual orientation, or anything else that is irrelevant to treating fellow human beings and our environment with compassion.

I understand that when one's group is under attack from outside, one is reluctant to criticise the group's genuine problems publicly--one wants to avoid giving support to those who may be trying to destroy one's group, or at least harm it. But this thinking prevents, for instance, some Afrikan-American leaders from condemning the brutal dictatorships of countries such as Sudan and Zimbabwe (and only a few years ago, Zaire and Nigeria), prevents some Jews from condemning Israeli government atrocities, and prevents some Muslims from condemning the viciousness and oppression of governments in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Indonesia, Pakistan and, only a few years ago, Afghanistan.

I urge everyone, of whatever background, to follow the path demonstrated by people such as Malcolm X and Noam Chomsky: challenge the abuse inside your own community. Challenge it from integrity, compassion and love. Doing so doesn't make you a wanna-be media darling, a phoney, an apostate or a sycophant for the Neo-Conservative media establishment... not unless you want to be one.

Afghan convert seeks asylum
Tuesday 28 March 2006, 0:02 Makka Time, 21:02 GMT

"An Afghan man who faced the death penalty for converting from Islam to Christianity [16 years ago] has appealed for asylum abroad.

"Afghan officials could not immediately confirm that Abdul Rahman had been released after the case against him was dismissed on Sunday, but a UN statement on Monday appeared to confirm growing speculation he was being freed.Adrian Edwards, a UN spokesman, said: 'Mr Rahman has asked for asylum outside Afghanistan.

"'We expect this will be provided by one of the countries interested in a peaceful solution to this case.' Rahman was arrested last month after police discovered him with a Bible and put him on trial last week for converting 16 years ago while working as a medical aid worker for an international Christian group helping Afghan refugees in Pakistan.

"He had faced the death penalty under Afghanistan's Islamic laws."

Israeli soldier cleared in girl-killing case; gov't pays him $17,000

Payment for Israeli soldier decried
Hundreds of children have been killed since the intifada's start

By Khalid Amayreh in the West Bank
Monday 27 March 2006, 18:18 Makka Time, 15:18 GMT

"The outgoing Palestinian Authority government and the incoming Hamas-led administration have condemned the payment of compensation to an Israeli soldier after a court cleared him of killing a Palestinian schoolgirl in 2004.

"The soldier will receive 82,000 shekels (roughly $17,000) as part of an arrangement reached between his lawyers and the Israeli military prosecutor, the Israeli press reported last week.

"The compensation was awarded to cover legal expenses and damages. An Israeli army spokeswoman said the court 'agreed to compensate him because it was convinced that he was wronged'. Yousuf Rizqa, the new PA minister of information, described the acquittal in the killing of Iman Al Hams, 13, and the compensation as 'infinitely scandalous and defying logic and morality'. 'In every country in this world, child killers are prosecuted and punished. In Israel, not only child killers are not punished, they are actually rewarded,' Rizqa told

The American Crisis of and for Young Black Males

Orlando Patterson writes in The New York Times: "Why are young black men [in the US] doing so poorly in school that they lack basic literacy and math skills? These scholars must know that countless studies by educational experts, going all the way back to the landmark report by James Coleman of Johns Hopkins University in 1966, have found that poor schools, per se, do not explain why after 10 years of education a young man remains illiterate.

"Nor have studies explained why, if someone cannot get a job, he turns to crime and drug abuse. One does not imply the other. Joblessness is rampant in Latin America and India, but the mass of the populations does not turn to crime.

"And why do so many young unemployed black men have children — several of them — which they have no resources or intention to support? And why, finally, do they murder each other at nine times the rate of white youths?

"...So what are some of the cultural factors that explain the sorry state of young black men? They aren't always obvious. Sociological investigation has found, in fact, that one popular explanation — that black children who do well are derided by fellow blacks for 'acting white' — turns out to be largely false, except for those attending a minority of mixed-race schools.

"An anecdote helps explain why: Several years ago, one of my students went back to her high school to find out why it was that almost all the black girls graduated and went to college whereas nearly all the black boys either failed to graduate or did not go on to college. Distressingly, she found that all the black boys knew the consequences of not graduating and going on to college ('We're not stupid!' they told her indignantly)."

For an audio interview with Br. Patterson, click here.

The "Tiger Woods" of Chess

Well, I hope not. At least, I mean, I hope this brilliant brother, the first ever Jamaican to become International Chess Grandmaster, won't shill for sweatshop lords [Addendum: Dr. Henry Martie Codjoe just informed me that Woods has opened the Tiger Woods Learning Centre... so perhaps this Brother is not only giving back, but also making up. If so, good on him.] Somehow, I doubt that Brother Maurice Ashley will, especially since he spends so much of his time training young people in Harlem the city he called home after age 12. His programme is named (I love this) the Raging Rooks. (Someone else has a similar programme for young Brothers and Sisters called the Dark Knights.)

His website is here, and you can read an interview with him here where he discusses his book Chess for Success.
One thing's for sure: this aint Fresh.

Also check out this article on Br. Orrin Hudson from USA Today, which says in part: "On a recent afternoon, Orrin Hudson, a former Alabama state trooper, is teaching chess to 14 students in an after-school program. He uses the ancient game to instill a fundamental life lesson: They will win or lose because of choices they make — in real life and on the chess board."

[Addendum: Dr. Henry Martey Codjoe just informed me that Woods has opened the Tiger Woods Learning Centre... so perhaps this Brother is not only giving back, but also making up. If so, good on him.]

US policy on Iraq: F*** 'em

William Pitt writes: "I am going to find a china shop somewhere in the city and walk in with a free-swinging baseball bat. My goal, which will be clearly stated, will be to improve upon the place. I will spend the next three years meticulously destroying everything I see inside, from the cash registers to the display cases to the nice Royal Albert tea sets in the corner.

"Along the way, I will batter the brains out of any poor sod unfortunate enough to get in my way. When I am done, I will claim with as much self-righteousness as I can muster that none of the mess is my responsibility. I will then, of course, refuse to leave....

"[T]he 'incompetence' thing is nonsense. The Bush boys got paid, got an issue to run on in two elections, put themselves completely and totally above the law on picayune issues like torture and the unauthorized surveillance of American citizens, obliterated the central function of the federal government, and ripped up any and all regulations that would keep their corporate friends from dumping mercury into the river so as to save a few precious pennies on the dollar.

"Can anyone still think this was all by accident?"

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Minister Faust: The Angela Davis Interview

Click on THE TERRORDOME link at the left for the full audio programme.

To the nitwits of the click-and-quip mediacracy, the woman is summed up her iconic hairstyle, a hairstyle once called “a natural” and then an “Afro” before the concept-clippers truncated the consciousness behind the cut into the slangism “fro.”

But Dr. Angela Yvonne Davis, former fugitive, former member of the Communist Party, former potential denizen of death row, and very current human rights activist, is far more than a copywriter’s cute coiffure cliché. To millions, the author-intellectual Davis is a living hero from an era in which too many firebrands were extinguished all-too violently.

Born 1944 in Birmingham, Alabama, young Davis took her parents’ social justice activism to her marrow, joining the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee as a teenager. A brilliant young student, she travelled at age 16 to Germany where she studied at the Frankfurt School under the guidance of German philosopher and critical theorist Theodor Adorno. While studying at the Sorbonne in 1963, Davis received word that two of her friends had been murdered. Rosamond Robertson and Cynthia Wesley, whom Davis described as being like sisters to her, were among four African American girls butchered by White extremists in the Birmingham church bombing.

Upon her return to the US, Davis graduated with her B.A. magna cum laude. Upon earning her Master’s Degree, Davis began teaching in California’s public university system, where she earned the wrath of then-governor Ronald Reagan for her association with the revolutionary Black Panther Party and her membership in the Communist Party; Reagan’s government attempted to have her fired. But that case of political repression disguised as employment harassment would soon to prove to be the least of her problems.

Davis was linked romantically to George Jackson, a Gramsciian "organic intellectual," author of Soledad Brother, hard-time prisoner and “Field Marshall” for the BPP. In 1970, Jonathan, Jackson’s younger brother, attempted to free his brother from a Marin County courthouse; his bungled operation led to his own death, the deaths of three other African Americans and a white judge. Accused of having supplied weapons to her paramour’s brother, Davis herself became a fugitive, and at age 26 became only the third woman in US history to be placed on the FBI’s Most Wanted List.

On the run for weeks, living in and out of safe houses until she was finally caught and imprisoned awaiting trial, Davis conducted a first-hand analysis of the interior of what she would later call the US “prison-industrial complex.” A black star on Richard Nixon’s and Ronald Reagan’s enemy list, Davis faced execution by toxic gas; having become an international cause celebre, Davis eventually won acquittal and her own freedom, but refused to walk away from the horrors she’d seen behind bars for the last (and nearly the final) sixteen months of her life.

As arguably the lead advocate for prisoner rights in the United States, Davis entered electoral politics as the US Communist Party’s vice presidential candidate in 1980 and 1984, and published books on a variety of topics, including An Autobiography, Women, Race & Class, Blues Legacies and Black Feminism: Gertrude "Ma" Rainey, Bessie Smith, and Billie Holiday and the recent Abolition Democracy: Beyond Prisons, Torture, and Empire - Interviews with Angela Y. Davis. Today she teaches in the History of Consciousness Department at the University of California, Santa Cruz, inside the very state system Reagan swore would never employ her again. She continues to lecture widely, and is a mainstay on the modern enemies-lists of American arch-conservatives.

“Racism endures,” said Davis, speaking with me via telephone from her California home on Monday, when I asked her about the barriers between White and Black that exist even inside the pro-democracy movement, barriers which kept mobilisations such as the 1999 Battle of Seattle and the peace movement almost exclusively White, even though global trade deals and American wars disproportionately harm communities of coloured people.

“[In] the current times, in the US, Canada and elsewhere in the world such as in France, it is important to make racism a centre of our conversations and our activism. Many of us have come to the conclusion that the struggle against racism ended with the triumph of the Civil Rights Movement, but as a matter of fact, although [racist] laws ... have been eradicated, racism is very deeply embedded in the institutional structures of our respective societies—otherwise, how can one explain why some communities are tracked in the direction of imprisonment, and others [towards] education?

"For intellectuals, activists, workers and cultural producers, a major challenge of this current period is to acknowledge the extent to which we’re all influenced and shaped by the persistence of racism in the world. The figure of ‘the terrorist’ that serves as the justification for so much violence in the world is a racialised figure. I want to urge people to think about the connections between the figure of the ‘terrorist,’ the ‘communist,’ the ‘criminal,’ that is also racialised. These conceptualisations need to be organically incorporated into our work, whether it’s intellectual, cultural, activist, trade union or anti-globalisation work.”

Speaking in Edmonton next Tuesday, Davis will be trailing recent celebrity American speaker Bill Clinton who spoke here on March 9. Clinton’s star in the African-American heavens continues to shine despite his disastrous legacy: signing a telecommunications which further concentrated (and Whitened) US media ownership; furthering draconian drug laws which put more non-violent offenders behind bars while shutting down rehabilitation programmes; ensuring that the US would not intervene to end the 1994 Rwandan holocaust; and conducting a 1998 terrorist bombing of Sudan which destroyed the Shifa medicine factory, whose loss, according to Noam Chomsky, likely led to the deaths of tens of thousands of people. Despite this catalogue of crimes, African American literary Nobel laureate Toni Morrison and comedian Chris Rock went so far as to call Clinton “America’s first Black president.” Davis says little to defend the man.

“It’s about sensibility,” laughs Davis. “There can be no doubt the Clinton introduced Black people to direct involvement in [US] government in a way that no other president had done. It’s not that difficult for me to understand that Black communities would feel far more connected to a person like Clinton than to a person like George Bush. But this isn’t to say that the fact that Bill Clinton likes jazz and has Black friends and has gospel performances at his inaugurations and so forth, [can] in any way ... provide a justification for the particular policies he proposed during his administration. His role in the expansion of the prison population, the role he refused to play in eliminating certain [pro-incarceration] sentencing practices ... and the war in Iraq, of course, is linked to the Clinton administration.”

Monday, March 20, 2006

Minister Faust interviews ANGELA DAVIS

Wednesday on The Terrordome: ANGELA DAVIS

To the nitwits of the click-and-quip mediacracy, the woman is summed up her iconic hairstyle, a hairstyle once called “a natural” and then an “Afro” before the concept-clippers truncated the consciousness behind the cut into the slangism “fro.”

But Dr. Angela Yvonne Davis, former fugitive, former member of the Communist Party, former potential denizen of death row, and very current human rights activist, is far more than a copywriter’s cute coiffure cliché. To millions, the author-intellectual Davis is a living hero from an era in which too many firebrands were extinguished all-too violently.

Check out the full article in this week's Vue Weekly and the full half hour interview this Wednesday on THE TERRORDOME (see links on the left (naturally)).

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

TONIGHT ON THE TERRORDOME: HARD TO BE CONSCIOUS when the world is full of jimps*

Last Sunday night I watched parts of the Academy Awards ceremony on television, and was sickened to see the performance, celebration and victory of a song called “It’s Hard to Be a Pimp.” I discussed my disgust at length on The Bro-Log (see below).

In short, I objected not only to the promotion of the stereotype of Black folks as criminals, exploiters and sexual deviants, but even more to the three groups who made this revolting display possible: the Black performers and music-makers who created presented the material, the Black folks in the audience who cheered the song and its sentiments, and the wealthy White Hollywood establishment that makes piles of cash by promoting these hateful and destructive stereotypes in albums, TV and films.

Just a week before, I’d hosted a forum on that exact topic at the Edmonton Public Library, a forum called Get Rich or Die Slavin’, an exploration of how corporate media in North America exploits images of Afrikan-Americans and Afrikan-Canadians as anti-intellectual lowlifes, hyper-sexed thugs, prostitutes, pimps, drug dealers, drug users, gang bangers and murderers in order to earn hundreds of millions of dollars for wealthy White record company executives and stock holders... and how plenty of rappers, singers and video models are quite happy to sell out their race in order to earn their own thirty pieces of "House Negro" silver... not to mention how far too many of us will support these vampires by buying their records, their fashions, their imagery and their ideals, all at the low, low cost of our souls.

Originally I was going to present only one edition of The Terrordome on that forum, but in light of our defeat because of an Oscar win, tonight we’ll part one of two of that discussion. I began the day by discussing the title of the event, Get Smart or Die Slavin’.

Tune in tonight at 6 PM on FM88 in Edmonton, or go click on THE TERRORDOME link on the left.

*What's a jimp? See my novel The Coyote Kings (links on the left) for an explanation.

From Africville to Amber Valley

A week from Friday, join celebrated African-Canadian author George Elliot Clarke and acclaimed African-Canadian playwright and actor Patricia Darbasie in an event called From Africville to Amber Valley.

It’s an evening of Clarke’s spirited poetry from his new book Illuminated Verses and Darbasie’s remarkable play Ribbon. The event is sponsored by the Living History Group of the Council of Canadians of African and Caribbean Heritage.

WHEN: Friday, March 17 at 7 pm.
WHERE: Edmonton Public Library, Main Branch (Downtown).

IN EDMONTON: Nubia and Egypt - The Ancient Masters of Civilisation

Who were the ancient Sudanese (Nubians) and Egyptians?

Among other things, these Africans were perhaps the greatest civilisers of the ancient world, people who built cities, erected unparalleled monuments and vast temples and cities, established sciences and medicine... in short, they helped make the world as we know it. And they may very well have invented writing itself.

Ancient records say that the Nubians were the fathers and mothers of Egypt; both of these African civilisations had huge influence on societies in other parts of Africa, Asia Minor and Europe.

So why, 250 years ago, did Europe launch the Big Lie that the ancient Egyptians were White?

Come out for startling discussion, photographs, video and conversation.

Hosted by Winston Hawthorne (NBCC) and Minister Faust (The Bro-Log and FM88’s The Terrordome)

WHEN: March 24, Friday, 7 pm.
WHAT: The first of six scheduled African Global History Sessions.
WHERE: The Marcus Garvey Centre for Unity, 125th Street + 126th Avenue.

Is the iPod a massive scam?

Thanks to Dusty Bear for the link to this intriguing film. Can anyone verify if this is actually true?

Oh, and by the way... the picture links to a joke site spoofing iPods and their owners. I wouldn't take that too seriously, so it makes me wonder whether the claims in the indie film "expose" are true. But if they are true... well.. then there's a problem.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

House Negroes, Super-Fly "Playa" Uncle Toms and Hollywood Exploiters award Oscar to "It's Hard to be a Pimp"!

Tonight’s Bamboozled Award for being the Most Loyal N-----s on the Plantation goes to... the idiots who wrote, produced, sang, voted for and cheered “It’s Hard to be a Pimp” for the 2006 Academy Awards!

Hell’s bells, this shouldn’t need explaining to anyone, but pimps are just about the lowest form of life in the world (ranking somewhere with arms traders, blood diamond merchants and booze dealers and tobacco manufacturers).

Pimps exploit girls (and sometimes boys), emotionally crippling them, virtually enslaving them, frequently assaulting and even raping them. Pimps are the people who make profits after the pedophiles inflicted the “gateway abuse.” Pimps are the people who will happily exploit and destroy to the last tear your sister, daughter, cousin or mother if it’s in their interest. Pimps are monsters. Vampires. Filth. Sociopaths.

Somewhere in the last few years, some people took it upon themselves to employ the word “pimp” as a compliment, and “pimpin’” as a description of desirable or admirable behaviour. What’s next—using the word “pedophile” that way? Kool Moe Dee rapped on the 1988 song “Self Destruction,” “I never, ever ran from the Ku Klux Klan/And I shouldn’t have to run from a Black man.” Moe Dee was right then, and his words apply now, and to this topic, in light of the disgusting celebration of violent, economic, psycho-sexual exploitation of some of society’s most vulnerable people that was performed on the Academy Awards last night.

No, idiots, it is not hard to be a pimp, not compared to how hard it is to be a sex-trade worker (as opposed to a sex-trade boss).

The worst form of enslavement is psychological. As Malcolm X said in his “House Negro/Field Negro” speech, the Field Negro identifies with his master more than his master identifies with himself. We have been thrown into a planetary concentration camp and some of us sing in admiration the “virtues” of the internment, speaking of those who prey upon us as if they were heroes. They’re not. They’re our enemies. The Ku Klux Klan, the Neo-Nazis and their ilk couldn’t be happier than for us to save them the trouble of destroying us.

Oh, and while I’m furious at our own people who contributed to this sickness, I have nothing but contempt for other Academy voters and the big-money power-brokers who ensured that this song would get as far as it did, including by its being performed in a ceremony broadcast to (although thankfully not watched by) a billion people.

Darthmo on Idol wrote: “right now I am not feeling the whole pimp thing. And how we have to play roles that degrade us just to get Oscar buzz. Denzel training day. Halle Monsters ball. Now this.”

Some more comments are here.

Some right-wingers are already using the song’s prominence to attack multiculturalism. Multiculturalism isn’t the enemy. The enemy is racial exploiters who employ racial stereotypes to advance the idea that Afrikans are scum... feeding a self-fulfilling prophecy along the way.

Here’s another commentary:

"A report on veteran entertainment reporter Army Archerd’s web site tells a sad and revealing tale about the state of American culture. According to Archerd, portions of an Oscar-nominated song, as it’s currently written, wouldn’t pass network clearances to appear on the awards broadcast scheduled for next weekend.

"The name of the song is 'It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp' – and yes, that’s the title that will be announced during the telecast and performed live. Original lyrics to the song include 'f--k,' 's--t,' and a variation of 'the n-word,' which will be replaced with the cooperation of the songwriting team. Those in charge of the Oscar broadcast, however, have permitted the terms 'bitch' and 'ho' (likewise in the lyrics) to remain. The rationale, according to the Oscars producer Gil Cates, is that the latter two epithets are heard regularly on network shows.

"What a sad moment for America – and a profoundly distasteful one, too. In itself, the fact that 'bitches' and 'ho’s' apparently surface on network programs with some regularity is a disgrace. It’s hard to believe that the creative well has run so dry that writers are forced to resort to misogynist vulgarities in order to elicit either a laugh or a frisson of shock. But even so, at least families can avoid programs that employ such lowbrow devices. Should they be turning off the Oscars, too, before the inevitable questions begin: What’s a 'pimp,' Daddy? Mommy, what does 'ho' mean?"

And don't forget--the child may also ask, "Mommy, why do those Black people like pimps? Why does that Black lady singing love her pimp so much? Why do all those Black people in the audience cheer for pimps?"

And if I could be that child, I'd ask, "Why does rich White America hate us for the very thing they make millions telling the world that we supposedly are?"

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Canadian Jewish News: "Toronto police report big drop in hate crimes," BUT...

"The number of hate crimes [in Toronto] reported to police dropped dramatically in 2005, but Jews and [African-Canadians] remain the most-targeted victim groups, according to the Toronto Police Service’s 2005 Annual Hate/Bias Crime Statistical Report.

"A total of 132 hate crimes were reported in 2005 – 19 per cent less than the year before – of which 33 involved Jews and 33 involved [African-Canadians], the report stated....

"Looking at the data since 1993, the report found that 'the most-affected victim groups, both in absolute terms and in their respective categories, have been [African-Canadians] (race), Jews (religion) and gay males (sexual orientation). [African-Canadians] and Jews continue to be significantly targeted in multi-bias occurrences.

"Most incidents involve mischief (graffiti), threats, assaults and hate propaganda." Read the full story here.