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Forget about context! Forget about history! War is peace! Freedom is slavery!

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The Second Qana Massacre: 50 dead, including 37 children

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Seattle shootings: an act of sickening evil

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Many Jewish people oppose war on Lebanon

Ralph Nader: U.S. Carries "Inescapable Responsibility" for "Israeli Government's Escalating War Crimes"

Israel's death toll in Lebanon rises to at least 450

Israel says it's received OK to keep destroying Lebanon

US blocks any Security Council censure of Israel's killing of UN peacekeepers

Britain breaks with US over Israel's war on Lebanon

Jewish Peace Group: "shameful to hide these misdeeds behind specious accusations of anti-Semitism"

D.R. Congo headed for historic elections

Public Enemy No. 1 for College Students

Nigeria evacuates 500 from Lebanon

Rumsfeld announces Bin Laden located

Canada is militarily protecting the Neo-Taliban regime?

Jackson Browne's "Lives in the Balance"

And if things weren't bad enough: ETHIOPIA INVADES SOMALIA

PAST MIDNIGHT (literally and figuratively)

Report Confirms Chicago Police Tortured Black Prisoners

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Israel kills 8 Canadians (including 4 children); death toll now at least 140

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