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A moment of perfect beauty

Acclaimed Japanese performer Yoshikazu Fujimoto dances with a sword while a singer accompanies him hauntingly.

Kull wahad! said Muad'Dib ("I am profoundly disturbed").


Last fall, I spoke at a session arranged by Professor Janice Williamson and author/professor Thomas Wharton (Icefields) at the University of Alberta. I read from From the Notebooks of Doctor Brain(which, incidentally, received the Special Citation of the 2007 Philip K. Dick Award). I also answered questions afterward.

Here's the audio. Enjoy.

I love this White man

I wish Obama had talked like Father Mike Flager when it came to defending Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Powerful words. Great job, Father. I might've stayed Catholic if you'd been my pastor.

Some debate has ensued as to the authenticity of this interview. Read that debate here.

US, Canadian and French collusion to destroy the Haitian people

John Maxwell writes: "...the US, Canada and France, acting on behalf of the so-called 'civilized world,' decided on the basis of lies that, as in the case of Iraq, a free and independent people had no business being free and independent when their freedom and independence was seen to threaten the economic interest of the richest people in Haiti and, by extension, the wealthiest countries in the world."Today, and especially for the last few weeks, the starving people in Haiti have been trying to get the world to listen to their anguish and misery. Along with some other poor people in other countries the Haitians have been driven to desperation and the edge of starvation by the rapidly increasing price of food. Unlike all the others the Haitians are over the edge, they are starving, refugees in their own proud country, many forced to eat dirt to survive, however tenuously. "Only the Cubans, the Venezuelans and the Vietnamese appear to care about what is happen…


6 PM Mountain Time

In the West, when one thinks of medical experimentation on unwilling human subjects, the country that comes to mind most readily is Germany under Nazi rule.

Few people think of the United States.

And yet since at least the 1800s, numerous doctors in the United States conducted barbaric experiments, sometimes leading to death, on patients of Afrikan descent. Indeed, grotesque gynecological experimentation on Afrikan women was the 19th century equivalent “boon” to medical science that Nazi medical atrocities were to the 20th century.

Yet while the Nazi regime rose and fell within a generation, Afrikan women and men were subjected to “scientific” Whitesupremacy for hundreds of years. As we’re about to find out, some of that experimentation continued into the modern era, with a mindset whose terrifying results continue to this day.

A few selections from Reuters news service help illustrate the racial gulf in American medical care:

“African Americans conti…

Earthship Biotecture

Fascinating stuff. The discussion in comments is interesting as well.

Part 2 and 3 are below:

My predictions about Battlestar Galactica’s final season

I’ve been considering for a week whether to post these predictions, since there’s a great likelihood I’ll be wrong about most or even all of them. But what they hey, hey?1. The “Final One” is either literally or metaphorically everyone.Why? Even before I watched Season 4, Episode 2 (“Six of One”), I’d come to the conclusion that both humans and Cylons would reach Earth and be forced to accommodate each other—live together in peace, and eventually intermarry to produce children. After the outbreak of the coup/Cylon civil war in “Six of One,” it seems that the Cylons in revolt will need new allies.Given that this revolt is led by the Sixes, in collaboration with the Sharons and the Leobins (I can’t keep track of all the numbers), who are the most human-loving (in both senses) of the Cylons, inter-creation (a preferably term to “cross-breeding”) seems inevitable as an outcome—if not an actual goal.Both species are depopulated... we don’t know yet how many Cylons will be boxed or prevente…