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TONIGHT ON THE TERRORDOME: African Writers on the Misrepresentation of Africans

Wednesday 6pm Mountain Time
FM88 Edmonton World Wide

Because of the horrifying history of medical experimentation against Africans as documented in the bookMedical Apartheid by Dr. Harriet Washington, many Africans in North America remain profoundly suspicious of the medical establishment.

That suspicion, however well-founded, sadly stands in the way of life-saving treatments. Today, 30 African-Canadian patients are literally waiting to die because they don’t have a stem cell donor.

Stem cells, harvested from bone marrow, are indispensable in the fight against leukemia, but compatibility for donors in based in part on race. That crisis motivated a group of Edmontonians to found the Nega Alem Memorial Leukemia Awareness Society.

I spoke with event organisers Gary Yemene and Tigi Truneh by telephone about this Saturday's event.

WHAT:The Stem Cell Transplant and Leukemia Awareness Event in memory of Nega Alem Abraham
WHEN:Saturday, November 07, 6 PM
WHERE:The Africa Centre is at 1…