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All praise is due to the Supreme

Mr. Chavez, sir, would you please mention one of my books the next time you speak at the UN?

At UN, a smiling, joking, "crossing" Chavez calls Bush a devil...

Does one European victim deserves more compassion than millions of Afrikan victims?

US Authorities detain, strip search and threaten to beat Venezuela's foreign minister

Two gigs on Friday night for Minister Faust

Nigerian intelligence at 3.1B calculations per second

Genocide on Clinton's watch, genocide on Bush's watch

UNICEF, Nigeria sign 5.4 million dollars pact on girl education

Freedom of speech includes freedom of music, or, Get your G.D. hands off my radio!

Sociopaths of Right Wing Big Money Media

Computer geniuses of the Afrikan planet

The difference between insanity and evil, between hypocrisy and justice

Now that Israel's war on Lebanon is over, can we please bother to pay attention to a situation that is 15,000 times worse?

Son of "Father of Afrocentricity" becomes professor in own right

Muslims & a Hasidic Jew kicked off of airplanes... time to kick off the dimwits, instead

I'm judging the 3-Day Novel Contest and loving it