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I'll be at the World Fantasy Con in Calgary this weekend

Yup, I'll be there, doing a reading, sitting on a panel and signing books. So come on out and say hi.

Some heavy hitters will be there including Joe Haldeman and Robert J. Sawyer.I'm privileged to count Rob as a friend; we got to know each other at NorWesCon in Seattle in 2005, and have had a great time chatting ever since. Rob even blurbed my second novel; I greatly admire his work (Calculating God is one of my favourite books) and the stunning intellect behind it.

Joe Haldeman I don't know, but I met him ten years ago last summer in Calgary.

I'd loved his work since I was a kid. In fact, one of the first novels I ever read (I think I was in Grade 3) was his Planet of Judgement.

I read The Forever War when I was in my early 20s (which was a while ago) and loved the mind-screw of time dilation. So it'll be neat to meet him again... last time a fan, this time a pro.

E-Town author Gayleen Froese will be there, and I've read her 3-Day Novel and found it excellent. So h…