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Tell the Alberta government to FUND SCHOOLS PROPERLY!

CEP Local 777 and CUPE Local 474 Invites
Union members, the public, teachers,parents and students

To Rally For Increased
School Board Funding

Where: Constituency Office of Gene Zwozdesky
8207- Argyll Road
When:WED. JUNE 28, 2006
Time:4:00 PM

We will be joining with our brothers and sisters from other unions representing school board custodial, maintenance and support staff.

Please come and support you brothers and sisters from Edmonton Public and Edmonton Catholic School Districts as they try and raise awareness about the serious under funding of our school boards.

In a province as wealthy as ours we should not having to lay off workers who play such an important role in our children's education.

Over the past 10 years, as education funding has been eroding, many schools have been left with few alternatives to decrease the hours and / or lay off of non-teaching staff.

This has to stop.


Tonight on The Terrordome: Chris Rock on Wealth vs. Democracy

According to a 2001 study published by United for a Fair Economy, the wealthiest 1% of Americans own one-third of all wealth in the United States. To put it in dollar terms, in 2001 the richest hundredth of Americans possessed, by themselves, more than fourteen trillion dollars worth of cash and assets.

On the other hand, half of US society--around 130 million people--owned less than 3% of the country’s total wealth.

How does that look from a global perspective? According to Project Censored, “As always, America’s economic trends have a global footprint—and this time, it is a crater. Today the top 400 income earners in the U.S. make as much in a year as the entire population of the 20 poorest countries in Africa (over 300 million people).”

The Guardiannewspaper of the UK said in a 2003 article, “One in every three people in the world will live in slums within 30 years unless governments control unprecedented urban growth, according to a UN report.

"The largest study ever made of glob…

Who controls Martin Luther King?

Who controls Martin Luther King?

That's a question worth asking in the decades since King's revolutionary struggle. When King was alive, he was denounced by Time Magazine as a demagogue whose words might have been written for Radio Hanoi. He was the target of US government surveillance and counter-intelligence under the Kennedys and Lyndon Johnson, with at least one documented attempt to extort him into suicide.

And as we have heard over the last four episodes of The Terrordome, as described in attorney William Pepper's book An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King and as was decided by a 1999 civil trial whose results are known to almost no one,on April4, 1967, the United States government assassinated Dr. King.

The public perception of Martin Luther King has been brain-rinsed.

Gone is the radical democratic revolutionary, the anti-imperialist who was the most prominent opponent of the US war against the Vietnamese people; gone is the advocate of economic justice;…