Is the iPod a massive scam?

Thanks to Dusty Bear for the link to this intriguing film. Can anyone verify if this is actually true?

Oh, and by the way... the picture links to a joke site spoofing iPods and their owners. I wouldn't take that too seriously, so it makes me wonder whether the claims in the indie film "expose" are true. But if they are true... well.. then there's a problem.


sondjata said…
ahaaaaa. This movie is old and somewhat deceptive.

As an owner of two ipods I can attest that the battery in the iPod is indeed changeable. It's not as easy as popping off a cover and pulling out the old one. but it ain't isntalling a PC in an auto either (which is actually pretty easy but I digress).

Firstly to address battery life. No, Apple did not give out the most Watt/Hour batteries they could find but it was enough juice to last longer than most sane people would go without recharging.

Secondly, all lithium Ion batteries need conditioning. The manual tells the user what to do to make it last the longest time. Most people Don't RTFM.

Lithium Ion (and most other batteries) are terribly sensitive to cold weather. Many people think they can jump into thier cars in the middle of winter with sub 30 Degree F weather and not have the battery life cut in half, or some cases a whole 3 quarters. Count me in as one of those idiots who learned the hard way. In the winter one must must must have a charger to plug into the car or have the iPod in a very warm place in a coat. I did that and my second battery is still going on my first iPod ( admittedly not used now that i have a newer one). My newer one is still strong.

as for replacement batteries, Google is your friend. Use it.

Dusty Bear said…
Mea culpa. It is indeed an outdated film and the problem has since been resolved, to my knowledge.

Nonetheless, I was more than happy when my wife bought me a less expensive SanDisk mp3 player (with an expandable memory) for Christmas rather than an iPod.

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