Spike Lee and Eddie Murphy discuss Hollywood racism in classic 1990 Spin Interview

Eddie Murphy: “This is how scared white people have black people. I was sitting in my office with Mike Tyson and Don King—my office, at Eddie Murphy Productions. The only two people that work there that are white are my managers that work for me. And we go on the subject of white people, and the government, and shit like that, and what happened is, we started whispering, ‘The white man….’ They got you so scared you whisper in your own house….

“Now that’s a helluva thing. Me, Mike Tyson, and Don King, sitting in my own office whispering about the white man. I said, ‘Yo, man, they have done such a thing on us that we whispering and he aint even here.’ And that’s just something that’s in you naturally—what the fuck is up? And you don’t know when they’re listening or when they gonna get you.”  


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