Herman Chinery-Hesse: Turn the brain-drain into the round-trip brain-train

"Herman Chinery-Hesse, or ‘Africa’s Bill Gates’ as he is called by the BBC, is a highly respected Ghanaian technology entrepreneur who co-founded a million-dollar software company, SOFTtribe, and a truly visionary company, BSL.

"Chinery-Hesse had a fairly privileged childhood and left Ghana to study industrial technology at the Texas State University in San Marcos.

"However, he returned to Ghana in 1990 with the intention of staying for good. Unlike many of his peers who felt that all real opportunities were to be found abroad, he set about finding opportunities at home.

"His first project involved writing a software program for a travel agency in Accra to automate its accounting and customer service functions. The software was so successful that it was adopted by travel agents throughout the country."

Full story here.

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