Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming - The trailer

Truly astounding work on this trailer.
While I loathed the original BSG and adore the current one helmed by Ron Moore, it seems a few of the comments that viewers have made about this independently-produced trailer (a late 90s attempt to jump-start a relaunch of the original series) ignore the phenomenal production value of this 4-minute independent film.
Astounding what skilled, dedicated people (Hatch and a group of fans) and a budget less than that of many music videos was able to produce, and also how many elements from this appear in the new BSG.
While the story and characters seem to retain the naivete and triteness of the original series, the quality of craft on this trailer is stunning.


Unknown said…
I just started watching the series on DVDs. do you think they are using 5 percenter ideas in the plot?
Minister Faust said…
Hi, Molly. I'm curious to know which similarities your thinking of. Care to commment?

To answer your question, I'd say no... I strongly doubt that anyone associated with the show has even heard of the NGE. But that doesn't mean the similarities you're seeing aren't genuine, it's just that archetypally, such ideas inevitably arise in literature, religion and biography again and again.

For instance, the story of Usir ("Osiris"), *Beowulf*, and the real-life story of Malcolm X--these have numerous similarities which can't be explained by design. They're the result of developmental similarities common to all humans.

See by African-American author Steven Barnes for a description of this.

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