Poet Supreme Amir Sulaiman WEDNESDAY ON THE TERRORDOME, Thu-Fri in E-TOWN!

Check out my exclusive conversation with poet supreme AMIR SULAIMAN on Wednesday's The Terrordome at 6 pm!

Last March, a poet and MC came to the University of Alberta and rocked the box. African American and Muslim poet Amir Sulaiman is that dynamo, and tomorrow night he’s returning to E-Town to present a poetry and consciousness workshop and Friday he’s going to rip the mic again.

28 year old Amir Sulaiman is a stunning performance poet originally from Rochester, New York who’s been performing since age 12. A graduate of North Carolina A&T, in his sophomore year, he released his debut poetry collection Words of Love, Life, and Death.

Sulaiman’s work is refined, intellectually and culturally broad, and as powerful and necessary as a vaccine during a pandemic. It combines the intelligence of a Claude McKay with the modern urban lyricality of a Rakim or a Chuck D. Sulaiman has performed on HBO’s Def Poetry, and has released four albums, including the brand-new Broad Daylight.

Sulaiman spoke with me via telephone on Tuesday night while on tour. I began by asking him, given his identity as an Afrikan and a Muslim and a poet in the United States, what misconceptions, stupid questions and presumptions he faced.

On Thursday night, Sulaiman is presenting an intimate and interactive session on the art of communication, argument & spoken word poetry. Space is limited to the FIRST 40 PEOPLE WHO REGISTER! The cost is only $10, and the event will be held Thursday night at 7 pm in the Education Building of the U of A campus. On Friday night, he’ll be performing at Convocation Hall on the U of A campus. To register or to get tickets, call FAROOQ at 604-0149.

The event is sponsored by the M.A.C. Youth of Edmonton, in cooperation with Al-Ikhwan Youth Club, Ar-Rashid Youth Club & Muslim Students Association of the University of Alberta.

To purchase CDs, click here, and for more information visit Amir Sulaiman.com.


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Hey Malcolm,

You should check out this new Jay-Z, which is (before you get you're hackles up) probably the best mainstreaam and political hip-hop track in a minute:


I'm serious. Give it a listen.

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