Tavis Smiley, the Darfur Horror, and Wal-Mart's global gulag

Regarding Darfur, some argue the word "genocide" may be standing in the way of peace... others have argued that its absence guaranteed war. Whether genocide or not, it's one of the greatest crimes of our times. Thanks, Br. Tav. Listen here.

Unfortunately, as I just heard while listening to the sound file, Tavis's editorial is literally "brought to you by Wal-Mart." I kid you not.

Hell's bells... look, I'm not comparing an international network of sweatshop gulags which exploit tens of thousands of poor factory workers and tens of thousands of underpaid, under-employed, under-benefitted, union-denied workers in order to siphon billions of dollars into the hands of a tiny number of corporate kingpins (breathe!)... I'm not comparing that to genocide.

If I were forced to choose between ending:

a) Wal-Mart's cruel and greedy global super-exploitation, OR
b) mass-murder and destruction in Sudan,

then I'd choose to end the latter.

But the point is, we don't have to choose. We need to end both.

I'd also like to point out that I know you've got to pay the bills to get a message out to millions. And if Tavis has to shake hands with Asmodeus in order to kick Mephistopheles in the grunties, then I guess I can live with that, for now.

You might also want to check out "Five Truths About Darfur" from the Washington Post.


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