"Tut whitening" and "truth" whitening

"With the coming opening of the King Tut museum exhibit, busts of the king's 'new face' are on sale in the malls and shops throughout the area. Besides making money, this mass marketing strategy surely aims to convince people that King Tut's 'new face' is his 'true face.'

(Above: Two highly divergent facial reconstructions. Below, a sculpture of Tutankhamun from ancient times.)

"Many African and African-American scholars resoundingly disagree. They see King Tut's new image as a renewed attempt to rewrite history by falsely depicting the king as a 'Caucasoid,' closely related to the 'true Caucasians' (i.e. 'whites'), who originated in Europe."

See the sidebar link: The Sickening Story of the Whitening of Tutankhamun.
And also visit another article by Dr. Niara Sudarkasa, and a further piece on the controversy surrounding the most recent "Tut whitening" or "'truth' whitening."


Minister Faust said…
Ah, yes, "scientific" reports. This is the same type of "science" that insists that not only are ancient Egyptians not Africans, but that Somalis and Ethiopians of today, aren't, either (see Richard Poe's *Black Spark, White Fire* and the work of Shomarka Keita debunking the "clusters" concept which excludes the great Nilotic civilisation-builders from their own Africanity).

Also check out http://news.ncmonline.com/news/view_article.html?article_id=24634a08ac06c9ae96400ee0728de9a0.