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BUILD ECO-TOPIA! Hydroponics, guerilla gardening, agri-igloos, and abandoned giant grow-ops can deliver the world you need and our children deserve

During this Covid-19 global pandemic, more people than ever are recognising that without a dependable food supply, we're in danger if not actually doomed. Even without a global pandemic, many people live in food deserts (urban areas without good, nearby grocery stores packed with affordable, healthy food), or don't have the ability to get to grocery stores easily (because walking is difficult or impossible, or they don't own cars).   In other places such as Canada's north, most food is transported from thousands of kilometres away and thus is extremely expensive. The range and quality of those imported foods is also much narrower than it is in southern cities. The answer to this problem must be local food production: local in homes, in neighbourhoods, and in "third spaces." One of the most effective systems for growing food when space and water are extremely limited is hydroponics. Instead of using soil, these systems douse plant roots in nutrient-lade