Emilio Ortega Aldrich worked his way up from production assistant to write tie-in Arrow comics for DC and an episode of the hit CW superhero action series Arrow. That’s where he met Oscar Balderrama, who’s written an Arrow tie-in novel and the forthcoming Arrow graphic novel; he’s also been a script coordinator for the series.

Both of them spoke on the Arrow screenwriter panel at Eagle Con on May 15, 2015, where they discussed:
  • The path to writing for a Hollywood series
  • The significance of not just who you know, but who knows you
  • The job descriptions of writers’ assistant, script coordinator, and showrunner
  • To what degree these writers needed to know the DC universe in general and Green Arrow in particular to write for Arrow
  • How screenwriters on a television show work as a team under the leadership of a showrunner
  • How writers working in collaboration can garner an individual “written by” credit, which is the top glory for a writer, and the top pay
  • The shocking secret behind the show bible for Arrow, and
  • How the writers react to fan responses and expectations
The moderator on the panel is science fiction scholar professor Patrick B. Sharp. He’s the driver of Eagle Con itself, a student-focused science fiction and fantasy media con running at the campus of California State University at Los Angeles. I’ve been to a lot of cons, and Eagle Con is excellent, and I’m not just saying that because I was a special guest. During the Q&A session of the panel, you’ll hear me asking the first question of Aldrich and Balderrama.

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