NOW READ THIS! 16 Awesome Authors, Activists, Artists, and Academics Recommend Righteous Reading, Part B (MF GALAXY 020)

Last episode was part one of NOW READ THIS!, in which ten awesome people awesomely awesomed up their awesome reading recommendations. Why? Because a whole bunch of angries didn’t like the Bradford Reading Challenge.

What’s the Bradford Reading Challenge, you ask? Simple! Author, tech-reviewer, and fandom activist K. Tempest Bradford suggested in an opinion piece that readers should discover the world of writers who never get confused for Mitt Romney, Stephen Harper, or Patton Oswalt.

This episode, instead of ten boffo-socko book baptisers, let’s level up to SIXTEEN SCINTILLATING BOOK SPEAKERS.

That’s right! We’ll hear from:

  • Directors Ernest Dickerson, Seith Mann, and Reginald Hudlin
  • Alternative Radio founder and interviewer David Barsamian
  • South Sudanese community activist Buk Arop
  • Sociologist and author Algernon Austin
  • Columnist, author, and activist Bill Fletcher
  • Hip hop artist and activist Young Mav
  • Actors Isaiah Washington, Jamie Hector, Robert Wisdom, and Scott Wilson
  • Academic and artist John Jennings
  • Academic and activist Nene Khalema
  • Novelist and journalist Sparkle Hayter, and
  • Scholar and author Runoko Rashidi

To hear the recommendations of Wab Kinew, Chuck D, Daryl Lennox, Lisa Yaszek, Gene Luen Yang, Geoffrey Anguyo, Clark Johnson, Clarke Peters, Denis Simpson, and Levar Burton, just download episode 19 of MF GALAXY from iTunes, and to hear my full interview with Bradford, download episode 18, or stream live from MF



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