NOW READ THIS! Ten Amazing People Talk About the Amazing Books They Love, Part A (MF GALAXY 019)

On the previous episode, we heard all about the controversial Bradford Reading Challenge. It shouldn’t be controversial at all, of course. Author, tech-reviewer, and fandom activist K. Tempest Bradford suggested in an opinion piece that readers should branch out beyond the extremely typical, self-imposed restriction of straight, White, able-bodied, and presumably English-speaking male authors.

That’s right: thanks to the educational and media systems and cultures of Canada and the United States, that author category is default for way, way, way too many readers.

So how about, said Bradford, for one year, open up your minds and eyes to encounter the whole universe of writers beyond? To hear all about the outrageous and even vicious backlash Bradford got for suggesting people read books to make themselves happy, download episode 18 of MFGALAXY from iTunes.

But tonight, let’s pick up the Bradford Reading Challenge ourselves, and hear suggestions from:

  • Canada Reads host Wab Kinew
  • Public Enemy leader Chuck D
  • Comedian Darryl Lenox
  • Science fiction scholar Lisa Yaszek
  • Graphic novelist Gene Luen Yang
  • Medical activist Dr. Geoffrey Anguyo
  • Actors Clark Johnson, Clarke Peters, Denis Simpson, and Levar Burton

You’ll notice that almost all those guests are male, and you are about to observe that almost all of will discuss books that men wrote. And that’s yet another example of why the Bradford Reading Challenge is so important. I personally need to read work by more women authors--and I’m happy to say I have several fascinating interviews coming your way in the near future with Nalo Hopkinson and NK Jemisin--but I definitely need to grow, too.

So please, instead of cursing the fart, open a window and let in some fresh air. Post your reading recommendations for work by women writers, coloured writers, Indigenous writers, queer writers, or writers with disabilities right here in the comments section on and the MFGalaxy Facebook group.

Say the title and author and why you loved the book so much. If you like, include a picture of yourself holding the book, or shoot a quick webcam video telling us about your choice!

The three most interesting entries will get each winner a copy of any of my novels--winner’s choice--and you can read all about those on and also watch all the handy-dandy videos including the snazzy cinematic book trailers.






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