The Georgia State government is about to murder Troy Davis

As of this writing, Troy Davis is still alive. But barring unforeseen intervention, by the time you read this, the government of Georgia state will have executed him.

Troy Davis is an African American man convicted of killing a Euro-American policeman. The Guardian newspaper in England has an article entitled “Troy Davis: 10 reasons why he should not be executed." Those reasons include:
  • That of the nine trial witnesses who said he shot policeman Mark MacPhail to death, seven have since recanted their claims.
  • “Many of those who retracted their evidence said that they had been cajoled by police into testifying against Davis. Some said they had been threatened with being put on trial themselves if they did not co-operate.”
  • Sylvester Coles “was the man who first came forward to police and implicated Davis as the killer. But over the past 20 years evidence has grown that Coles himself may be the gunman and that he was fingering Davis to save his own skin.”

The case has drawn international attention, including calls for clemency from Pope Benedict, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and former US president Jimmy Carter. Below is a four-part discussion on the Davis case by Amnesty International.