Today's the day. Please buy THE ALCHEMISTS OF KUSH.

If The Alchemists of Kush hits the Kindle Top 100 today, I'll donate $500 to ship university textbooks to South Sudan's Dr. John Garang Memorial University.

Please visit for the buy link. You can get the entire novel for only $2.99.

You can also get other books by me while you're there. Right now there are three books of short stories. By late afternoon, you'll be able to get BOTH of my previous novels at the same place.

Two books of short stories and two novels... only $2.99 each!


Ashley said…
This is a book that we all have to read.
Not because it’s funny, aesthetic, and inspiring.
Not because it’s raw, political, and horrifying.
It is all of those things, undeniably, but that’s not why I’m telling you to pick it up.

I’m telling you this because The Alchemists of Kush taps into something much more impressive than just pure and masterful entertainment. This book engages in an exploration of the emotional truths regarding human identity, friendship, and love.
Its main protagonists, Raphael and Jamal, are heart and passion bubbling inside of your guts. Mr. Ani, mentor to the boys, is the role model every child dreams about finding. You’ll be hooked from the moment you meet them, along with all the other intriguing characters.
Read this book because it tells the truth about life, about atrocities the human race commits against its children, mothers, and fathers, about the challenges facing non-white youth culture in Canadian urban communities, about finding the strength to still have faith in family, friends, and above all, in yourself.
Well played, Minister. Well played.
Is this a great novel or what?
I really love the fact that you dont have to start from the beginning of the novel to really start the story.
In each chapter there's somewhat kind of a new story but are all interrelated. This is a MUST read. There is so many things you can learn...
KMG said…
Also left this on Omnivoracious:

Dear MF,

I loved your first 2 books, and would like to read your latest, but I own a Kobo, not a Kindle. Any plans to publish on other eBook platforms?

KMG in Toronto
shetwinkles said…
Sr. Faust,

Can I buy your book in old-school hard copy? I even called Audrey's, and they don't even have it! I'm losing hope!


Minister Faust said…
Hi, KMG, sorry I was late responding. I hope to have the book on Smashwords by the end of the week, so your Kobo should be good to go for that! Let me know when you get it. Thanks for your support.
Minister Faust said…
Hi, Kristin, the book will be available in paperback next week. I'll also have a paperback launch in Edmonton in August. Shoot me an email to to get put on the launch reminder list. Thanks for writing.

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