On Wednesday, please buy THE ALCHEMISTS OF KUSH!

On June 15, 2011, my long-awaited third novel, THE ALCHEMISTS OF KUSH, will be launched.

It's the story of two Sudanese "lost boys" fleeing war, oppression, violence and horrible alienation, each of whom finds a mentor to guide him towards manhood through the chaos of pain.

One lives in the streets of modern-day Kush, E-Town.

The other lived seven thousand years ago, known as Horus, son of Osiris.


You can buy the e-book instantly on Wednesday for only $2.99!
You don't need a Kindle or any other reader. You can get the free Kindle app for your computer here.

Paperback is also available for only $18 from Amazon.com and your local independent bookstore.


If the book hits the Kindle Top 100 on launch day, I will donate the first $500 of sales to the South Sudan Development Foundation's efforts to ship thousands of books to the Dr. John Garang Memorial University in South Sudan, which currently has no library.

Please invite your friends to the "virtual book launch." Remind them they don't need a Kindle to read the digital book... any computer can do it. And tell them there will be a paperback, but that doesn't count towards the South Sudan university book drive.

You can also buy the e-book as a gift! Merely input your friend's email address and skadoosh! your friend will receive a brand new book instantaneously.

would really, really appreciate your help and support on Wednesday to recommend the book on your various platforms (for instance, with your status line and profile photo on Facebook, your Twitter feed, your blogs, etc., if you'd be so kind). Thank you so much. This is huge for me.


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