TONIGHT ON THE TERRORDOME: The Five Percenters of the Nation of Gods and Earth, Part 3

FM88.5 Edmonton
6 PM Mountain Time

Aside from the declaration that "the Blackman is God," no Five Percenter belief stirs outsider interest and anger as much as the use of the word “Devil,” especially in a racial context.

Five Percenter beliefs about the origin of the current range of humanity state that 6,000 years ago, in a civilisation of Black scientists, a corrupt eugenicist named Yacub began a selective breeding programme to engineer a race of colourless people who would ultimately enslave the Earth in a matrix of lies.

Most anti-racists and multiculturalists would understandably reject any such perspective in this or other theologies, including beliefs found in certain historical subsets of Judaism and Christianity that Africans are the cursed descendents of either Noah’s son Ham or Cain, the fratricidal brother of Abel, or the sexist concept that women are the cause of humanity’s downfall, found in the ancient Greek myth of Pandora, and the Jewish, Christian and Islamic scriptures about Eve.

But in all these cases, other interpreters of the beliefs have created their own symbolic and esoteric explanations for these stories.

These exegeses avoid literal, racial or gender-based explanations, and often instead cast the protagonist and antagonist as stand-ins for each human’s best and worst natures in conflict with each other.

Tonight on the show, we'll also discuss the role of women in the NGE, including the use of the word "Earths" to represent Afrikan women.


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