A new Battlestar Galactica movie! Yay! Except....

Rumours are that Universal has given Glen Larson the chance to make a new BSG movie based on his original story. Read about it here, here and here.

It's an awful thought. The original, while interesting for its allegory of Mormonism, was a poor Star Wars-knock off that has aged very poorly in terms of content and style (although visually, its production design was outstanding and still deserves credit--it was one of the best-looking SF series ever.

Of course, it may be just a rumour or Glen Larson floating a balloon to gauge support. Stunningly, there are many people who hate Ron Moore's BSG and love the original. Of course, almost half of the US population supported the illegal US invasion and occupation of Iraq or thought that Saddam Hussein was connected with 911, so why not?

My friend Dan figures that it helps if we imagine Larson BSG as a revisionist, sanitised version of the "real" (Moore) BSG done by the descendents of the survivors of the Cylon Holocaust. I call Larson's take MSG.

For what Dirk "Caveman" Benedict thinks, check out this rightwing webdump and the comments by the revanchists who hive there.


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