TONIGHT ON THE TERRORDOME: Bill Fletcher and Lester K Spence on Obama’s Win

6pm Mountain Time

Tonight’s discussion is on the election of Barack Obama as US president, a victory has thrilled literally hundreds of millions.

What may be lost in the jubilation is substance instead of style. What policies will an Obama administration enact? How will it be substantively different from a Bush or a Clinton government? How hawkish will it be in international affairs, especially with Iran, Somalia and Venezuela? How will it deal with the US and global economic crisis? How will it deal with America’s multicultural and multireligious population, in an era of right wing Christianist reaction?

To answer these questions and more, I spoke with Bill Fletcher, Jr. and Lester Kenyatta Spence.

Bill Fletcher, Jr., is a longtime labor and international activist and the former President and chief executive officer of TransAfrica Forum, a national non-profit organization organizing, educating and advocating for policies in favor of the peoples of Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America.

"Fletcher is also a founder of the Black Radical Congress and is a Senior Scholar for the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, DC. Fletcher is the co-author of the book Solidarity Divided on the crisis of organized labour. He was a founding member of Progressives for Obama, and is an editor at the online magazine Black

Lester Kenyatta Spence is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Johns Hopkins University. His focus is American Politics, Afrikan-American Politics, Urban Politics, Public Opinion, Political Behavior, and American Political Thought. His work has appeared widely, including in The Washington Post, The Saint Louis Post-Dispatch, Black Voices, The American Journal of Political Science, Political Analysis, The WEB Dubois Review, The National Political Science Review, and Political Research Quarterly.

An increasingly prominent public intellectual, Professor Spence brings far-ranging consciousness and academic vigour to wide-ranging topics such as Black Nationalism, pop culture and Black bourgeois attempts to co-opt hip hop culture and activism.


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