TONIGHT ON THE TERRORDOME: Dr. Ganz Ferrance on Psychology and the Afrikan-Canadian Family

6 pm Mountain Time

Over the years on The Terrordome
, I’ve spoken with scores of people about the structural, systemic barriers to the freedom, prosperity and happiness of Afrikans and other groups. Tonight I’d like to address another set of barriers.

Even while influenced by the structural and systemic, these barriers are a distinct problem unto themselves. They’re also usually more difficult to perceive and define.

I’m talking about psychological barriers inside the human community generally and Afrikan-Canadian communities specifically, barriers which have been called by some “Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome.” For the majority of Afrikans, whose ancestors were not enslaved, it might as easily be called “Post-Colonial Stress Syndrome.”

To address the variety of pains, and to point towards their solutions, tonight we’ll hear from Dr. Ganz Ferrance. Ganz Ferrance has been teaching mind-body health for over a decade in Canada and the United States. He holds a Ph.D. in Counselling Psychology from Andrews University in Michigan and an MA in Educational and Developmental Psychology.

He’s an increasingly well-known figure in Canadian media, having made multiple appearances on HelpTV and on CTV Edmonton's News at Noon, as well as being a guest on CTV's Good Morning Canada. He’s also the Public Education Coordinator for the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta. His focus is on Success Psychology, and marriage and family therapy.

See also The Journal of Black Psychology.

Below, you can watch Ganz Ferrance or "Dr. Ganz" on CTV Edmonton discussing Seasonal Affective Disorder.


bestonline323 said…
Realize and master your potential and discover who you were truly meant to be with Dr. Ganz in one of his life-changing workshops, in a group or in one-on-one sessions.

Dr. Ganz Ferrance specializes in Success Psychology as well as marriage and family therapy. His mission is to "enhance humanity's emotional and physical well-being" through education and by providing Life Changing Counselling and Consulting


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