Stop saying "LOL" when you don't mean it. But DO check out these hilarious signs.

I'm irritated by "internet-ese" expressions such as "LOL."

It's rare for people to read material which makes them laugh out loud. That expression should be reserved as high praise for those examples of writing for which it's actually true.

Today I want to commend the folks at the Telegraph for this photo essay which, combined with its magnificently sarcastic captions, made me laugh out loud--while I was working against a deadline past midnight--until I had tears in my eyes. And no, I'm not exaggerating. And please don't invent an acronym for that.

So please check out that essay by clicking on the above photograph.


Mark John said…
We use ICQ at work to chat with each other and I've banned LOL unless one is actually laughing out loud. In its place, we've replaced it with lqtm (laughing quietly to myself).

One could make a case that I should probably just be shot for typing to instead of talking to the person who sits 2 feet away from me.

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