TONIGHT ON THE TERRORDOME: Tokunbo Oke on how European Capitalism Underdeveloped Afrika

6 PM Mountain Time

Tokunbo Oke is a historian and member of ALISC, the African Liberation Support Campaign Network.

“ALISC is a UK-based solidarity group set up by Africans forced into exile in the 1980s because they opposed Structural Adjustment Programmes. ALISC supports groups in Africa fighting to get power into the hands of the African majority, which means out of the hands of transnational profit-making companies, international banks and the wealthy African elite.

"One of ALISC Network’s jobs is to publicise what these groups are doing - and to explain the history of resistance in Africa, which hardly anyone knows. During slavery and colonial occupation, African women and men didn’t sit around waiting for someone to save them - they fought.”

When many people look at Afrika, they see only the present, and assume the present explains everything about the past. But a glance at 19th Century Greece would say little about the wonders of ancient Athens.

So is it with the Motherland, where five centuries of European holocaust have almost entirely obliterated our understanding not only of the diverse and magnificent civilisations of ancient and medieval Afrika, but our understanding of just how devastating has been human trafficking in the tens of millions, continent-wide occupation, economic exploitation, and proxy wars.

Tokunbo Oke spoke April 23, 2004 in London to explain how—and why—European capitalism underdeveloped Afrika.

The conclusion to Michael Parenti
on Slavery, Imperialism and Racial Supremacy

Last week on the show, courtesy of Michael Parenti, we learned how racial supremacy is not the simple matter of polite, liberal and conservative myths.

Racial supremacy is not simply the use of racial slurs; it’s not so-called “reverse racism.” It’s not dispelled by government-sponsored phrases about multiculturalism, token roles on television or in industry, ahistorical quoting of Martin Luther King’s most-abused speech, and it’s certainly not dispelled by the candidacy of one man who has become the myth-making flag-waver for corporate, military, mercenary, imperial America.

Racial supremacy is an organised political, economic and social system which keeps power in the hands of the globally racial few over the rest of humanity. It uses every means available, from academic, military and religious means to media, social networking, employment, housing and more.

It no longer needs to advertise “Whites only.” In fact, it can be very effectively served by a selection of coloured collaborators including movie stars, former generals and oil executives, and Chicago lawyers.

The system also serves to keep down millions of poor Whites in the United States, offering them only marginally better material opportunities, but a potent psychic one: the belief that they’re better than someone else. When you have nothing else, that counts for a lot.

Tonight, Michael Parenti lays out the rest of his case for explaining racial supremacy, with reference to Plato and Aristotle, modern academics and George H. W. Bush.


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