Minister Faust performance poetry: "'Hug' is Not a Verse-itile Word"

I wrote this poem at the end of 2000 for a woman I wanted to date. The poem worked out in the short term (we dated) although things didn't work out between us in the long term (we were like TNT).

It wasn't the first time I'd gone through that poetry-date-relationship-breakup cycle, either. Anyway, it's all for the best as I later met the woman who would become my wife and then we got married and are raising a daughter and we're all happy although I write fewer poems.

Anyhoo... the poem. Yeah, I was asked by CBC's Christine Chomiak to perform it for the network's late night alt-culture show ZeD-TV, and I now present it to you all. And don't freakin' steal it to score with. Make your own freakin' moves (and movies).

UPDATE: Because of an intrepid reader pointing out to me a continuity error on this entry, I have just now corrected the above date. It now correctly reads "2000" instead of "2001," which would have meant an entirely different relationship ("Hug" was written for Sibongile, as I'd hope she recalls). The one from 2001 spawned an entirely different literary reaction inside a subsequent novel.


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