My predictions about Battlestar Galactica’s final season

I’ve been considering for a week whether to post these predictions, since there’s a great likelihood I’ll be wrong about most or even all of them. But what they hey, hey?

1. The “Final One” is either literally or metaphorically everyone.

Why? Even before I watched Season 4, Episode 2 (“Six of One”), I’d come to the conclusion that both humans and Cylons would reach Earth and be forced to accommodate each other—live together in peace, and eventually intermarry to produce children. After the outbreak of the coup/Cylon civil war in “Six of One,” it seems that the Cylons in revolt will need new allies.

Given that this revolt is led by the Sixes, in collaboration with the Sharons and the Leobins (I can’t keep track of all the numbers), who are the most human-loving (in both senses) of the Cylons, inter-creation (a preferably term to “cross-breeding”) seems inevitable as an outcome—if not an actual goal.

Both species are depopulated... we don’t know yet how many Cylons will be boxed or prevented from attaining resurrection. After all, the surviving Cylons might simply pull the plugs on all resurrection-ready Cavils and others. The humans are down to around 40 thousand. Perhaps the only way to ensure survival of both is inter-creation.

Kara—if that’s who she is—and Leobin will create hybrid children. The Chief (if he is a Cylon; remember, the Cylons are masters of deceit--only Anders has been confirmed as of this writing) and Callie have already done so. Ditto Helo and Athena. Perhaps Baltar and Tori? Or Baltar and Caprica Six?

If so, then BSG is following in the footsteps of the Matrix trilogy. Although episodes 2 and 3 in that series were disappointing as drama, their thematic triumph over much of SF and fantasy is that they exhort accommodation with our foes towards eventual understanding, rather than the destruction of enemy forces that Star Wars prescribes or the outright genocide that Lord of the Rings recommends.

BSG goes further, saying that our survival will not only depend on accommodation but in love, union and children. A powerful and hopeful message indeed.

If the Chief, Tigh, Tori and Anders truly are Cylons, it’s possible that they actually had the families they remembered having, rather than their memories being implanted. They may be the inheritors of enough ancient/future (see below) Cylon DNA that they are the Cylon equivalent of Dune’s Kwisatz haderach.

2. Earth is the original Kobol, due to some sort of time-travel or space-folding or whatever the hell mcguffin.

Why? I don’t remember if the series explained why Kobol was abandoned. Was it due to a natural disaster? Even Kobol’s location was lost. Why? Perhaps when Kara visited “Earth,” she’d gone back in time to visit ancient Kobol.

So this would mean that in the future of the recolonisation (?) of Earth, or the creation of New/Old Kobol, the species which arises is a human/Cylon hybrid, which one day, due to war or natural disaster, goes out to seed the stars, creating twelve colonies.

Eventually someone creates Cylon servants; those servants rebel; the free Cylons evolve and create twelve models; and in the cyclic time of the BSG universe, “everything has happened before, and everything will happen again.”

Perhaps some Cylons and some humans remained apart from the general intermarriage--separatist humans and Cylons who changed their minds. These groups might be among those who left to found colonies; or perhaps separatist (fundamentalists? "Humanists"?) wiped out the others in war... without realising that even among their numbers, there was some Cylon blood?

(If so, it's not hard to imagine that Roslin would represent the extreme end of separatism / anti-cohabitation.)

Someone creates Season Three’s “Temple of the Five” (as eventually discovered by the Chief)—a temple in honour of the Final Five. Did Cylons create it? Did the Final Five? Was it a Cylon/human temple, or a hybrid temple?

Some remaining questions:

A. Who left the diseased buoy, and why? Was it human? Cylon? Hybrids?

B. Who created and programmed the Cylons in the first place? Were these evolved Centurions, or someone or something else?

C. Which of the remaining characters will die by the final episode?


Brother OMi said…
after reading Sandworms of Dune, I came to the same conclusion....

they have no choice but to hook up. i mean, i am assuming that when they come to earth like in the original series, Earth will be 2008 Earth where we would not have the technology to fight off the cylons.

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