What??? Heath Ledger dead by suicide? Oh, and this just in....

The same day that the coiffed, bipedal, venereal diseases at CNN blathered on for hours about the death of actor Heath Ledger, we learned that according to a new report:

5.4 million dead from the conflict in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Doesn't have anything to do with you? Guess again.


Anonymous said…
Sorry, but I, like most people care more about Ledger's death.
Minister Faust said…
Well, "Anonymous," good for you. Odd that you're "sorry," then, isn't it?

However, your claim that "most people care about Ledger's death" is quite obviously false. Of 6 billion+ humans, very few have heard of the man. Of those who have, you really have no way at all of measuring how many "care," do you?

As well, you seem to imply that my posting indicates disdain for Ledger or indifference to his death. Neither was my point, and neither can be proven from my remarks.

Furthermore, the point of my post should have been obvious to anyone: news media who dwell on the death of one celebrity who lived a life of enormous privilege, while ignoring one of the largest death tolls since the Nazi death camps, are perpetrating a fraud against humanity.

Had an internet existed in 1944, and a version of me written a similar posting about the death of a movie star then while mass-murder raged across Europe, I wonder if the 1944-version of you would have missed the point just as spectacularly.
Anonymous said…
I didn't know any of the 6 billion people who died in the Congo. When it's that many people its hard to feel anything. On the other hand I knew Heath through his films.

Each situation is sad but Heath's affected me more. I won't apologize for that.
Minister Faust said…
Why would you think you "knew" an actor by watching him pretend to be people he isn't?

Your sarcasm--or perhaps just blatant error--about "6 billion people who died in ... Congo" proves my point. You *should* know more, and you *should* care more. And that you're so proud of yourself that you *announce* you won't apologise, yet you won't even sign your name, speaks to the problems with your value system.

You casually, even proudly, admit that the deaths of 5.4 million African people are of less concern to you than the death of one White person. This is exactly the attitude that the Nazis counted on to continue their mass-murder.

So long as people "care" more for individual celebrities than for the plight of millions of people whose suffering supplies affluent Westerners with the metals and minerals that make cell phones, lap tops, jet engines and jewelry possible, we will a world full of misery and oppression.

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