Drink green tea to fight cancer, strokes, and yes, fat

"...[G]reen tea is particularly rich in a type of polyphenols called catechins. These substances have also been shown to have anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties, but recent research in animals show that catechins may also affect body fat accumulation and cholesterol levels.

"In this study, researchers looked at the effects of catechins on body fat reduction and weight loss in a group of 35 Japanese men. The men had similar weights based on their BMIBMI (body mass index, an indicator of body fat) and waist sizes.

"The men were divided into two groups. For three months, the first group drank a bottle of oolong tea fortified with green tea extract containing 690 milligrams of catechins, and the other group drank a bottle of oolong tea with 22 milligrams of catechins.

"During this time, the men ate identical breakfasts and dinners and were instructed to control their calorie and fat intake at all times so that overall total diets were similar.

"After three months, the study showed that the men who drank the green tea extract lost more weight (5.3 pounds vs. 2.9 pounds) and experienced a significantly greater decrease in BMI, waist size, and total body fat.

"In addition, LDL 'bad' cholesterol went down in the men who drank the green tea extract.

"The catechin content varies by amount of green tea used and steeping time. But general recommendations, based on previous studies on the benefits of green tea, are at least 4 cups a day. Green tea extract supplements are also available."


Alexandra said…
Good study about tea. Most of the research I have read suggests loose tea has more of the natural tea properties than teabags.I know there are several studies on the slimming properties of oolong- wulong tea but this is the first study I have seen that couples oolong with green tea. I will have to read more about this - Thank You
Minister Faust said…
Thanks for your comments, Alexandra. Any ideas about the effectiveness of the green tea (or green + white) extracts? Green tea by itself (especially when well-steeped) makes me slightly nauseous. Any insights you can share are appreciated.

Kay said…
I find flavored green tea (jasmine or apricot) really improves the otherwise bitter taste of the green tea.

This is indeed an interesting blog...
happy said…
I love green tea! It's really good for health! If you want to know more about it you can read these green tea facts.
Dr.Gray said…
If your really interested in getting the health benefits from green tea you just have to get loose leaf green tea or powdered green tea. And quality/freshness is very important. Try something like here - green tea

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