Chicago teacher protests white-washing of Tutankhamun (And it don't stop, Naw it won't stop... It goes on and on....)

Kia Gregory writes, "For Mukasa Afrika, it’s another blow in a continuing assault.

"In June 2005 National Geographic magazine featured the reconstructed image of King Tutankhamen on its cover. The headline read: 'THE NEW FACE OF KING TUT.' The young pharaoh had light eyes, a pointy nose, thin lips and a golden caramel hue....

“The mummy itself is evidence that King Tut is African,” he says. He adds that paintings found in king’s tomb show he had deep brown skin. Also the king’s 18th dynasty descends from Thebes, located in the southern part of Egypt, making his family lineage African. He also points to the famous golden mask in which the king has almond-shaped eyes, a rounded nose and full lips....

"He questions why scientists didn’t use a melanin dosage test or a DNA test for a truer picture of King Tut’s African identity. 'It’s more about money than racism,' Afrika says of the museum’s 'Golden Age' exhibit. 'If they had an image of an African King Tut, how many fewer tickets would they sell? That’s a question they don’t wanna deal with.'"

"After seeing the magazine cover, Afrika, through the Laying the Foundation organization, built a website, wrote essays, held workshops and hosted scholars to educate the public on the king’s true identity. And when the King Tut exhibit came to the Franklin Institute, he, along with many community activists, stood in front of the museum’s steps in protest."

See the sidebar link: The Sickening Story of the Whitening of Tutankhamun.
And also visit another article by Dr. Niara Sudarkasa, and a further piece on the controversy surrounding the most recent "Tut whitening" or "'truth' whitening."

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And see also earlier Bro-Log coverage on the de-Afrikanisation and white-washing of Tutankhamun (and by extension, Egypt as a whole).


Angie said…
Jesus was white-washed, too. It's bad enough it was done in medieval times, but it's sickening to see it happen now.

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