Anti-Muslim Hatred at the Heart of Christian Extremist Base of US Republican Party

If you think that more newspapers and media should be covering this horror, and that anti-hate groups such as the crusading Southern Povery Law Center should be listing these people, a far, far more powerful bloc than those listed on the SPLC's current hate listings, please let them know. Write, email and call.

And let your friends know about these dangerous bigots and urge them to pressure and media to expose them and government to stop them and their hateful speech (not to mention plans).

There are plenty of excellent, impressive moderate and progressive Christians. Christianity should not be hijacked in the most powerful country in the world to pursue a vision of hatred and genocide.


kay said…
Thanks for this information.
I believe these people are the true fascists and extremists. They wouldn't be dangerous if they existed in a small powerless country, but in control of America they could bring about destruction that al-Qaeda could only dream of.

This is a fight of all decent people against all extremists whether nationalist, racist, or religions extremist.

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