Pet names for my seven-month old daughter

My daughter continues to fill me with absolute wonder, joy, delight, marvel... maaxeru! She's seven months old this week, and she loves baby-babbling. She'll go on for a few minutes: "Lar-lar-lar-lar-la-la-la-la-larr...." Damn. My wife and I'll look at each other and laugh. And our girl has strong legs. Give her a couple of fingers to hold onto and she'll stand there swaying, smiling and sunshining up the whole joint. Life was never better.

You know what a red-bean bun is? It's a Chinese confection you can get at a whole lotta Chinese bakeries. Some folks just call 'em Chinese buns.
People call their kids all kind of "sweet" names: honey, sugar, sugar pie, sugar beet, sweety, sweet pea, hilwa (Arabic for sweet and also a specific type of fudge). I have a dozen nicknames for my daughter, but of late I end up calling her "my little Chinese bun." No, my wife isn't Chinese. And before anyone in the Chinese Anti-Defamation League gets upset, if I called my daughter "my little French toast," I'd hope the French wouldn't make a run at me.


Ryan Oakley said…
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Ryan Oakley said…
Bean buns are excellent, I meant to say. Biy am I tired. Didn't know that tongue twisters worked when you wrote them too.
Jazzie Casas said…
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