Star Trek XI? The Adventures of Young James T.Kirk? And why Brent Spiner has his doubts and what he says about Star Wars, and oh, just read it.

"One of the most respected names in the world of Star Trek other than that of the late ‘Great Bird’ himself Gene Roddenberry is Robert H. Justman. Justman during an impressive career played a crucial role in helping get Star Trek: The Original Series and Star Trek: The Next Generation off of the ground.

"However due to stress related illness the producer retired back in 1987 after having helped launch the Next Generation. Since that time he has continued to support Star Trek and in a new interview for Star Trek Magazine he gave Star Trek Movie producer J.J. Abrams a message of encouragement.

"Though the new movie is likely to be a reboot with a younger Captain Kirk. Justman remains open minded.

"'I don’t know much about the new film, so I don’t see why I should write it off in advance,” Justman explains. “ I remember how some people tried to write – off Star Trek: The Next Generation before they saw the show. So all I’ll say at this point is that if J.J. Abrams can make a good movie that sheds more light on what has already happened and adds more creativity to the mix, that sounds great to me.

“'I’m looking foreword to hearing what he has planned for Star Trek and I’d be pleased if Mr Abrams contacted me and asked me some questions. I’d be happy to talk to him about Star Trek.'

Meanwhile, Brent Spiner has his doubts:

"FF: Can't let you go without talking about the future of Star Trek; we're hearing that JJ Abrams is going to be taking the reins of the next Star Trek film. Could this be the franchise's shot at reinvigoration? He has a solid history in quality television and movies.

BS: Yeah, look at Mission: Impossible 3... Oh... Never mind...

FF: It did OK, didn't it?

BS: It still lost money.

FF: If anything, though, that's because they spent too much.

BS: You're right. And that's the big fear with this Star Trek movie because this new regime at Paramount; I don't know that they understand the franchise. Maybe he'll be able to do it, maybe he'll be able to bridge the gap between the fans and the general public, but everyone's tried to do that - that's always been the intention - and they've never been able to do it. They've realised that if you spend any more than fifty million dollars on one of these movies you're going to lose money. There are only so many fans that are going to go. If they come along and make an one-hundred and fifty million dollar movie they're going to have problems. But I think he could be the guy to do it. He's a perfectly capable guy and his shows are fun and he seems to know what he's doing."