This month's BAMBOOZLED award goes to... METHOD MAN and 50 CENT!

"TORONTO -- A shoeless, elderly drunk is tormented by a group of thugs who laugh hysterically as they douse his head with antifreeze, drop his personal belongings into a storm sewer and knock him to his knees with a milk crate.

"In another scene, a young man is dragged from his parked car and beaten repeatedly outside a liquor store; his head stomped into the pavement until he loses consciousness. One of his attackers steals cash from his pocket as he lies lifeless in a parking lot.

"In the final act, eight men stomp, punch and kick a shirtless male to cries of 'Pound 'em out' and 'I'm gonna kill you bitch.' Knocked out cold, the victim is dragged across the pavement. The camera operator remarks smugly, 'I think that (expletive) is dead.'

"Roll credits: It's Ghetto Fights 2, one of a series of DVDs that feature actual home videos of violent street fights and group beatings, available at your local HMV, Music World and other retail outlets across Canada for about $16 each.

"For anti-violence activists and police, these are America's Scariest Home Videos, graphic celebrations of street violence, gang culture, contempt for the law and anti-social behaviour.

"They include Ghetto Fights, featuring bloody battles involving mostly young African-Americans in a variety of U.S. cities. The series gets a personal endorsement by rappers Method Man and 50 Cent, the latter who is seen brandishing a pistol and aiming it at the camera."


Johnny_RocketFinger said…
Hi Mr.Azania! I'm John from your class, I never knew you were that famous! Hope you can come back to school soon! :)
Minister Faust said…
Hi, John. Help me out, here--which John? Which class?

Thanks for the kind wishes.

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