Son of "Father of Afrocentricity" becomes professor in own right

"At 24, M.K. Asante Jr. already wears atop his dreadlocks the hats of award-winning film producer, author, journalist and poet. And he's adding another —- professor —- as he begins teaching creative writing, screenwriting and African American cinema at Morgan State University for the fall semester.

"The producer of an award-winning 2005 documentary about the African diaspora, 500 Years Later, has joined Morgan State's English and Language Arts department alongside Chair Dolan Hubbard, who says the department is pushing for a 'multi-genre approach' by incorporating screenwriting, journalism and literature into its 'English department for the 21st century.'

"Hubbard said Asante, who will also be teaching a spring class about hip-hop, represents '360 degrees of blackness' because of his ability to tell the story of black triumph in a variety of forms, such as poetry and film.

"'He represents the blend of the hip-hop generation combined with a tremendous understanding of the black diaspora. He would challenge our students to climb every mountain because he stands on top of the mountain as sign and symbol of what they can accomplish,' he said."


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