The Israel War on Lebanon today

Democracy Now! reports the following today:

Up to 18,000 Israeli Troops Invade Lebanon
Israel has sent as many as 18,000 troops into Lebanon as part of a massive ground invasion. An Israeli military official told the Washington Post the number of troops could soon triple.

Israel Bombs Hospital, Homes in Baalbek Strikes
The ground assault comes as Israel continues to bomb areas around South Lebanon. A Lebanese official said Israel is carrying out an “unprecedented” air attack on the ancient city of Baalbek. The assault began late Tuesday -- three hours before the end of Israel’s announced two-day pause to the bombing. At least twelve civilians were killed in an Israeli air strike in a nearby village. Five family members were found dead in their collapsed home.

Witnesses said Israel bombed Baalbek’s main hospital, which was already filled with wounded patients.

The raid of Baalbek marked Israel’s deepest known incursion into Lebanon in twelve years, when Israeli forces abducted a Lebanese militant leader it later released in a prisoner exchange. Meanwhile, three Israeli soldiers and an unknown number of Hezbollah fighters were killed in clashes near the Israel-Lebanon border.

Hezbollah Fires 63 Rockets At Israel
Hezbollah launched at least 63 rockets into Israel today, after firing just eight on Tuesday. An Israeli man was killed when a rocket struck close to the Israeli town of Nahariya. Meanwhile, a Hezbollah rocket landed in an open area near an Israeli settlement in the West Bank. It was the furthest Hezbollah strike since fighting began last month.

(We pray for the families of all the dead and wounded, regardless of nationality.)


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