Israel Launches Massive Ground Invasion of Lebanon

Day 20

Lebanese dead - at least 577 confirmed, could be up to 750. Israeli dead - 51.

Israel bombs and shells southern Lebanon despite announced halt in air raids.

Rescue workers find 28 bodies buried for days in destroyed buildings in three Lebanese villages.

UN postpones a meeting on Lebanon peacekeeping force indefinitely.

Bush says he will seek UN action this week to end the fighting.

Clashes near Aita Al-Shaab leave four Hizbollah fighters dead and three Israelis wounded.

Democracy Now!
reports: "Israel has sent as many as 18,000 troops into Lebanon as part of a massive ground invasion. The ground assault comes as Israel continues to bomb areas around South Lebanon. A Lebanese official said Israel is carrying out an 'unprecedented' air attack on the ancient city of Ba'albek.

"The assault began late Tuesday -- three hours before the end of Israel’s announced two-day pause to the bombing. The raid of Baalbek marked Israel's deepest known incursion into Lebanon in twelve years. Meanwhile, three Israeli soldiers and an unknown number of Hezbollah fighters were killed in clashes near the Israel-Lebanon border.

"Hezbollah launched more than sixty missiles into Israel today, after firing just eight on Tuesday. It was the furthest Hezbollah had fired since fighting began last month. Tens of thousands of Lebanese refugees are expected to once again be displaced as the Israeli bombing intensifies, and many Lebanese villages have yet to receive desperately needed aid.

"Mohamad Bazzi is the Middle East Bureau Chief for Newsday. He was born in Lebanon and lived there for the first ten years of his life. He joins us on the line from Beirut."

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