NYT doesn't understand why Dave Chappelle finally said "No more cooning!"

"CNN posted a video today which basically surmounted to a big question mark: why the hell did Dave Chappelle turn down $50 million dollars and vanish to Africa, leaving the third season of Chappelle's Show unfinished? Lola Ogunnaike of the New York Times Arts section paints a picture of Dave Chappelle as being confused, unable to articulate the reason he left in a series of high-profile interviews....

"Here's the problem though--Dave Chappelle has explained why he quit the show. He said ... that he left because he was doing a sketch and he looked over and saw White people laughing, not with him, but at him. They were laughing 'at the wrong thing'.

"Basically, Chappelle woke up one morning and realized that he had become a high-priced coon.

"The rest of the story is fairly straightforward, too. Chappelle experienced a crisis of conscience, and realized that no amount of money, not even $50 million, is worth the price of his soul, and he quit. He returned to Africa where he spent some time being alone and trying to reconcile how badly he had sold out. And now he's back trying to pursue his comedy without burning a cork or two.

"And yet, mainstream media can't seem to implicitly get that. As if this business of being a 'sell-out' is beyond their vocabulary, it seems that this reason just isn't enough."


DaProkah said…
What?! And paint a picture of a morally-concious darkie? Are you insane? Media doesn't want the Average Negro to know that they can always think for themsleves and stand up for their humanity! Foolish negro, thinking's for Whitey.

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