The need to civilise primitive peoples

Like my friend Tim who gave me the link, I don't like Russia's de facto dictator Vladimir Putin.

So I'm impressed by the following observation by Putin:

"'If we go back 100 years and look through the newspapers, we see what arguments the colonial powers of that time advanced to justify their expansion into Africa and Asia.... They cited arguments such as playing a civilizing role, the particular role of the white man, the need to civilize 'primitive peoples'....

"We all know what consequences this had. If we replace the term 'civilizing role' with 'democratization,' then we can transpose practically word for word what the newspapers were writing 100 years ago to today's world and the arguments we hear from some of our colleagues."

I agree with the need to civilise the uncivilised.

I disagree with some on who fits into which category.


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