The cover of my new book

I just freakin love it. Just the right touches of humour, pulp-chic (I can't believe I wrote that phrase) and sex appeal. Plus, for whatever reason, I love the use of the colour yellow. The artist is Greg Horn, and the artwork is (c) him, now.

Once again, if you missed the description of the book previously:

Meet the F*O*O*J,
the World’s Greatest Heroes

A body with the density of steel,
and a brain to match

Aging playboy industrialist by day,
avenging krypto-fascist by night

Mythology’s greatest warrior, but the world
might be safer if she had a husband

Formerly of the League of Angry Blackmen,
but not formerly enough

Radioactively fly

Perpetually deciding between fighting crime or promoting her latest album, clothing line or sex scandal

They’re Earth’s mightiest super-team. And dysfunctional as hell.

Having survived arch-criminal assaults in the 1950s, intergalactic aggression in the 1960s, affirmative action battles in the 1970s, and finally defeating all its arch-enemies in a battle global in the 1980s, the Fantastic Order Of Justice finds itself in a peaceful world without super villains--and thus bereft of a mandate.

Without external foes, the phenomenal F*O*O*Jsters are reduced to waging toxic office politics rife with their own arcane idiosyncrasies, bizarre perversions, mutual contempt and explosive neuroses, leading to what must sooner or later be a workplace super-powered civil war.

Only one woman can save them from themselves: Dr. Eva Brain-Silverman, AKA Doctor Brain, the world's leading therapist for the extraordinarily-abled.

But when the planet's most hallowed hero dies unexpectedly, career-ending depression descends, accusations fly and conspiracy theories boil--is the age of heroes truly over, or has an old foe returned to exact revenge on them all? Can the F*O*O*J survive its two greatest threats: assassination and group therapy?


DaProkah said…

I can't wait to read this! I'd like to review this fior the Concordia Matrix...