SUDAN & DARFUR: Who is lying to whom? Why? And what horrors await the Sudanese if we fail to act--or because we do?

"We're talking about a rally urging a U.S./NATO intervention in Africa's largest country, legitimated by the UN strong-armed by a thuggish neocon-led administration in Washington. We're talking potentially about regime change in Africa's second-largest oil producer, in the context of planned U.S. strikes against Syria and Iran.

"Should anyone in the antiwar movement with a minimal knowledge or recent history be comfortable with that, or suppose that it could be fully benign?"


Thanks for saying clearly what I've been worrying about unhelpfully and ineffectually.
Minister Faust said…
To be clear, I didn't write the comment. Click on the link (in blue text) to see the original article.
sondjata said…
welcome back minister.

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