Minister Faust interviews ANGELA DAVIS

Wednesday on The Terrordome: ANGELA DAVIS

To the nitwits of the click-and-quip mediacracy, the woman is summed up her iconic hairstyle, a hairstyle once called “a natural” and then an “Afro” before the concept-clippers truncated the consciousness behind the cut into the slangism “fro.”

But Dr. Angela Yvonne Davis, former fugitive, former member of the Communist Party, former potential denizen of death row, and very current human rights activist, is far more than a copywriter’s cute coiffure clichĂ©. To millions, the author-intellectual Davis is a living hero from an era in which too many firebrands were extinguished all-too violently.

Check out the full article in this week's Vue Weekly and the full half hour interview this Wednesday on THE TERRORDOME (see links on the left (naturally)).


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