IN EDMONTON: Nubia and Egypt - The Ancient Masters of Civilisation

Who were the ancient Sudanese (Nubians) and Egyptians?

Among other things, these Africans were perhaps the greatest civilisers of the ancient world, people who built cities, erected unparalleled monuments and vast temples and cities, established sciences and medicine... in short, they helped make the world as we know it. And they may very well have invented writing itself.

Ancient records say that the Nubians were the fathers and mothers of Egypt; both of these African civilisations had huge influence on societies in other parts of Africa, Asia Minor and Europe.

So why, 250 years ago, did Europe launch the Big Lie that the ancient Egyptians were White?

Come out for startling discussion, photographs, video and conversation.

Hosted by Winston Hawthorne (NBCC) and Minister Faust (The Bro-Log and FM88’s The Terrordome)

WHEN: March 24, Friday, 7 pm.
WHAT: The first of six scheduled African Global History Sessions.
WHERE: The Marcus Garvey Centre for Unity, 125th Street + 126th Avenue.


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