Canadian Jewish News: "Toronto police report big drop in hate crimes," BUT...

"The number of hate crimes [in Toronto] reported to police dropped dramatically in 2005, but Jews and [African-Canadians] remain the most-targeted victim groups, according to the Toronto Police Service’s 2005 Annual Hate/Bias Crime Statistical Report.

"A total of 132 hate crimes were reported in 2005 – 19 per cent less than the year before – of which 33 involved Jews and 33 involved [African-Canadians], the report stated....

"Looking at the data since 1993, the report found that 'the most-affected victim groups, both in absolute terms and in their respective categories, have been [African-Canadians] (race), Jews (religion) and gay males (sexual orientation). [African-Canadians] and Jews continue to be significantly targeted in multi-bias occurrences.

"Most incidents involve mischief (graffiti), threats, assaults and hate propaganda." Read the full story here.


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