Sudan produced a Stonehenge before Stonehenge

"The most exciting discovery came 20 years ago when anthropologists and archaeologists uncovered stone structures older than Stonehenge in the southern part of Egypt near the border with Sudan.

"Medupe said: 'The stones were aligned with the different riding positions of the sun because everyday the sun rises at different points along the horizon and that is an effect cause by the earth’s movement around the sun.'

"The alignment worked to determine the seasons. The interesting thing about these African stones is that they were built a thousand years before Stonehenge so right now they are believed to be the oldest astronomical alignments in the world. 'That should give us pride because it shows that our people were the first to do this astronomical study of the movement of the sun or the positions of the sun.'"

See also: Nabta Playa (the "Egypt" in question is so far south that, given the date, 6800 years ago and 1000 years before Stonehenge, the area should be called Sudan).


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