SATURDAY: Get Smart or Die Slavin'

Check out our media forum this Saturday called Get Smart or Die Slavin'.

It's an exploration of how corporate media in North America exploits images of Afrikan-Americans and Afrikan-Canadians as anti-intellectual lowlifes, hyper-sexed thugs, prostitutes, pimps, drug dealers, drug users, gang bangers and murderers in order to earn hundreds of millions of dollars for wealthy White record company executives and stock holders... and how plenty of rappers, singers and video models are quite happy to sell out their race in order to earn their own thirty pieces of "House Negro" silver... not to mention how far too many of us will support these vampires by buying their records, their fashions, their imagery and their ideals, all at the low, low cost of our souls.

When: Saturday, 2 - 3:30 PM
Where: Library Theatre at at the Edmonton Public Library, Stanley Milner Branch (downtown on Churchill Square)
Cost: FREE!
Moderated by: Minister Faust
Sponsored by: The Living History Group of CCACH (the Council of Canadians of African + Caribbean Heritage) and the Edmonton Public Library.


Ryan Oakley said…
Remember pre-corporate hip-hop? Gawd, I miss that. The new shit is like every stereotype compressed and set to crap.
Trya X said…
Black Pride World Wide!

I like your Blog, and added you to my Links! Come see My Blog!

Mark Alexandrino said…
Just wanted to mention that I thought the media forum format worked great. I thought Luam made a very interesting tidbit near the end when he compared the increasingly graphic portrayal of violent/hyper-sexualized Africans as distinctly mirroring attempts to dehumanize slave populations during the colonial era. Almost as if there were an about face of the liberation movement, only this time its voluntary.

Great Forum and i'll be sure to bring more people out next time!
Tricia L said…
About time something like this was said.

I still get stares when I say I stopped listening to hip hop after 1994, when puff daddy entered the scene, and how I hate most rap.

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