Birds, murder, self-destruction and redemption

From Walter Mosley's "Crimson Shadow"
A Socrates Fortlow story

"Why you kill Billy, boy?"

"That's a bird." Darryl pointed. There was relief mixed with panic in his eyes.

"That's my friend."

"You crazy, old man. That's a bird. Bird cain't be nobody's friend." Darryl's words were still wild. Socrates knew the guilty look on his face.

He wondered at the boy and at the rooster that had gotten him out of his bed every day for the past eight years. A rage went through him and he crushed the rooster's neck in his fist.

"You crazy," Darryl said.

A large truck made its way down the alley just then. The heavy vibrations went through the small kitchen, making plates and tinware rattle loudly.

Socrates shoved the corpse into the boy's lap."Get ovah there to the sink an' pluck it."


"You don't have to do it ..."

"You better believe I ain't gonna ..."

"... but I will kick holy shit outta you if you don't."

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