Prime Minister Skinner?

The haircut... the nerdiness... the anger... the rules! rules! rules!, the toadying to "superiors" (Bush and Superintendent Chalmers) while attempting to appear strong on his own... the anti-labour agenda...

Some folks have a serious hate on for this guy. Me... I figure we just need to organise a whole bunch of Barts and before you know it, we'll... uh... what, go back to endless Liberal arrogance, corporate lackeyism and undercover fusion with American policy (while claiming to do the opposite)?

And you can forget about the krypto-conservative Neo-Greens in Canada. Led by a Tory, they're really the Turquoise Party.

Kot-tam, kilogram. Check out a much better alternative.


Ryan Oakley said…
I'm with you on that.

About five years ago the building I lived in was sold. The new landlord wanted to kick everyone out so he could raise the rents and he did a lot of shady things. (Thug janitors who looked like Christopher Walken - the whole bit.)

Oliva Chow from the NDP came down and helped us form a tenant assosication. She kicks ass and if she sees something in Jack he must not be too bad either.

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